Hydro Power Plant

Location of facility - the river Bosna, the area of municipality Zenica
Type of facility – run-of-river power plant
Installed capacity - 15.75 MW
Annual production - 77.26 GWh


Investment - 109.8 million KM
Financing - Loans and funds of EPBIH

Project status

Completed activities:

  • Feasibility Study, Fichtner (Deutschland), Electroforce (B&H) i ERM (Deutschland), December 2012
  • Preliminary Design, Energoinvest Sarajevo, December 2015
  • Base line study on flora and fauna and Environmental impact assesment, JV Oikon Zagreb, Geonatura Zagreb & HEIS Sarajevo, January 2016
  • Environmental permit
  • Urban permit

Activities in progress:

  • Resolving property issues
  • Drafting of Technical Report for HPP Janjići connection to transmission network

Future activities:

  • Preparation of Main design