Public enterprises EPBiH and BH Post-office signed Agreement on realization of pilot project printing, covereting and bills delivery

On 27.March, 2013 dr. Elvedin Grabovica - general manager of JP Elektroprivreda BiH and Mujo Butković - general manager of Post-office Sarajevo signed the Agreement refering to realization of pilot project ( printing,enveloping and bills delivery ) with aim to advance relations with electricity householder consumers.

In the initial phase by the pilot project will be covered parts of branches of Elektro distribucija Sarajevo and Tuzla. Depending on its sucessfulness it is planned to be included  others branches of EP BiH untill the end of 2013.
Management of EPBiH - Sarajevo brought decision of performing this pilot project through the Post-office as authorised operator with aim to develop further cooperation between two public enterprises.