Elektroprivreda BiH d.d.- Sarajevo has not breached Law on public procurement in no one of 4.286 procurements

Anent to the statement of Account anti-corruption network in BiH stating that “ JP Elektroprivreda BiH is the highest breach of Law on public procurement BiH in 2012., based on researching results of Center for media development and analyses of Office for complaints - considering 97 solutions in favor of claimants and flat access, EPBiH is informing bh. publicity as follows:

- JP Elektroprivreda BiH  has in 2012. executed 4286 public procurements; 
- JP Elektroprivreda BiH did not breach Law on public procurement in BiH;
- Decision of Office for complaints do not represent any breach of Law on public procurement;
- JP Elektroprivreda BiH strictly respects regulations of Office for complaints;

With reference to the mentioned we state : 
- Not in one of the 4.286 executed public procurement, JP EPBiH did not breached Law on public procurement,
- Even in case that data on 97 solutions - brought by Office for complaints in favor of appellant and referring only to EPBiH ( without Mines and other dependent group of Concern ) 97 of adopted complaints are in percentage of 2,3 % comparing to 4.286 performed public procurements,
- Decisions of  the office for complaints , and in favor of appellant  do not represent breach of Law on public procurement BiH.

Beside frequent disagrees and unsatissfaction with work of Office for complaints as well as various solutions under the same subject for what we have proof, company JP EPBiH has never ignored recommendations of Office for complaints and strictly  respects  instruction of this  authority.
JP Elektroprivreda BiH Sarajevo had several times shown to the deficiency in Law on public procurement and necessity to be done changes with aim to facilitate effectiveness in public sector, therefore we expressed our readiness for constructive dialogue.

With such statement qualification that “ JP Elektroprivreda BiH is the largest breach of Law on public procurement“ placing this company under place in time when  the company has achieved very good results and in time of starting  construction of new facilities, such wrong input on public opinion has significant influence to the company’s   business  reputation and credibility.The stated qualification represent some kind of continuity of media attack to the most successful company in BiH.

By this way, we are inviting the Account, to deny its statement that JP EPBiH is the highest breach of Law on public procurement BiH  in 2012. Contrary to  we’ll be in opportunity to use all available legal objections to approve responsibilities concerning such incorrect flat estimation which have wrong effects to the reputation and credibility of JP Elektroprivreda BiH.