Prime Minister of FBiH Nermin Nikšić and dr. Elvedin Grabovica visited underground mines „Kamenice“ and „Sretno“

Nermin Nikšić Prime Minister of Federation BiH , dr. Elvedin Grabovica General Manager of Elektroprivreda BiH , Senad Sarajlić Executive Manager of Production and Suad Ćosić Director of RMU „Breza“ visited premises of underground coal exploitation of deposits „ Kamenice¨ and ¨Sretno¨ at RMU „Breza“.

Prime  Minister of  Federation  BiH  Nermin Nikšić in  his  addressing  to the  miners ,  emphasized   that in  future , all  investments  to the  mines  will  be  decidedly  supported  owing  to  believe  in  good  work  of the miners.

General Manager  of  JP Elektroprivreda BiH  dr.Elvedin Grabovica  in  direct  talks  with   the miners   pointed out  decisiveness of  JP Elektroprivreda BiH   to  continue  with  investmnet  to  modernisation of the  mines  equipment  in  Concern EP BiH , what  will  ensure  increasing  of  productivy  ,  sucessfull  mines operation,  and create  prerequisitions  for  miners  to  increase  themselves  their  salaries.