Prime Minister of the Federation BiH Nermin Nikšić visited the exibition space of JP EPBiH

On the first day of the International Fair for Energy , Industry and Mining held in Tuzla , the exibition space of the JP Elektroprivreda BiH was visited by Nermin Nikšić FBiH Prime Minister and Erdal Trhulj Minister of Energy , Mining and Industry in the Governemnt of FBiH.

Dr. Elvedin Grabovica  General Manager of JP ElektroprivredaBiH d.d.–Sarajevo has introduced the representatives  of  the Government of FBiH  with the Company's  business activities ,  development plans and present activities on its realisation .

Public  enterprise  Elektroprivreda BiH d.d - Sarajevo  at  this  year's  Fair  in Tuzla   has  represented projects  planned  for  construction  of   Unit 7  at  TPP „Tuzla“   ,    Unit  8  at  TPP  „Kakanj“ , hydro power  plants  „ Vranduk „    „ Ustikolina  „   „Janjići  “  ,  „ Una  Kostela Annex“ ,     „  Kruševo“    and  „Zeleni Vir „   „ Kovanići“  and   projects  for   Small  hydro  power plants  at  Neretvica   river  as well as  projects  in the field  of  renewable energy  resources and  wind power  plants „ Podveležje“ and  „Vlašić“  .