HPP¨Vranduk¨ and the capacity expansion of HPP ¨Una Kostela¨

Dr. Elvedin Grabovica, General manager of JP Elektroprivreda BiH and Libor Krkoska , Director of the EBRD Office in BiH , signed Loan Agreement for realisation of the project for construction HPP „Vranduk“ and the capacity expansion of HPP „ Una Kostela „ in value of € 35 million . The loan was signed on October 30th in the presence of Nermin Nikšič , Prime Minister of Federation BiH .

The  EBRD's loan in amount of 35 million Eur is the first corporative credit  approved to EPBiH , the first  non- sovereign  quaranteed  commercial loan   This loan  is also the first loan  Elektroprivreda BiH  for construction of new generation facilities  in the last 30 years . 
0f  the approved  credit amount  for  construction of HPP „ Vranduk“   have been  planned  funds of 26 million  Eur  and for  HPP „Una Kostela „  planned amount  is  9  million  Eur .
„ This  loan  EBRD  will  reinforce  credibility and  reputation of   JP Elektroprivreda BiH   on international financial markets ,while partnership with EBRD what implies more  regulations of corporation governance , financial discipline as well as financing of environmental and social sustainable projects , will strengenth  our position in realisation of other  capital  projects .¨ said  dr. Elvedin Grabovica,  General  manager of  JP EPBiH,  after signing the Loan Agreement .
Refering to the cooperation with JP EPBiH , Libor Krkoska, director of the Office of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development  in BiH said :  „This  loan   represents  the  first major  capital  investment  by EP BiH  in  renewable sources of energy in over  30 years „.