JP Elektroprivreda BiH: 2013 investment year to the mines of Concern

On the occasion of the Miners' Day , dr.Elvedin Grabovica , General manager of Elektroprivreda BiH Sarajevo and members of Mangement board visited on December 23 - 25 , 2013 the coal mines within Elektroprivreda BiH Concern.

 The  Board members of Elektroprivreda BiH and   members of  supervisory board  and the  managemnt of the mine discussed at the meeting  the results achieved in the previous  period. On that  occasion, gratitude was expressed  to JP Elektroprivreda BiH  as the parent governing body of the Concern for its continuous investment in mining, new machinery and mining equipment and timely settlement of obligations to the mines.

Dr Elvedin Grabovica  in conversation with key people of the mines  pointed out that with over 115 million in investments the last year was marked  as the year of investment to the mines and said :
 „ So far we have invested more than 115 million KM in mines ,  another 70 million KM  are in the procurement process and we plan to invest all 2014 million by the end of 2014 Next year will be  marked  by  the start of  construction of power facilities  primarly s Unit 7 of   TPP „Tuzla“ said  dr. Grabovica and stresses importance of supporting the mines which , with the new investments in thermal  capacities  , will  have the opportunity to market the produced coal and secure the future for the mines .  The management of the mines , as in previous years , was requested maximum efforts to achieve positive business results and production of high-quality coal .
Joining of the mines into the Concern with Elektropirvreda BiH , has been created the preconditions for development of mines and construction of power plants raises the possibility of their survival . Funds are invested in the purchase of equipment , modernization and improvement of safety at work . The aim is to increase mines  productivity by increasing production and reducing miners' injuries to minimum .
The program of recapitalisation of the mines .
• Brown coal mine Kakanj¨ -  planned  66,9 million KM ,  invested   33 milion   KM
• Coal mine   Kreka   -   planned  53, 6 million  KM, invested  31,8 milion    KM
• Brown coal mine Breza -  planned 32, 5 milion  KM  , invested  24 million   KM
• Browncoal mine Zenica - planned  25, 5 milion  KM , invested 19,4 miliona   KM
• Browncoal  mine Đurđevik  -  planned 16,4 milion KM invested 5,4 million   KM
• Coal mine Gračanica   -   planned 5,6 milion  KM  invested  102  thousand    KM
Coal mine Abid Loli樠 -  planned  3,5 million KM  invested appr. 3 million  KM