Expropriation of the priperties for HPP „Vranduk“ construction – the first phase completed

JP Elektroprivreda BiH-Sarajevo has finalized the first phase of expropriation of immovable properties for construction of Hydro power plant HPP „ Vranduk“ – locality municipality Zenica . After it has been agreed good relations with former land owners , the immovable properties (4) were taken over by Elektroprivreda BiH on location for HPP construction as : living objects , agricultural and forestry land.

JP Elektroprivreda BiH  has  agreed and realized the entry to the property  with six owners  whose properties were expropriated  in the first phase .  

In  process of expropriation   being  carried out  with  aim  for  construction of  HPP „Vranduk“ , 10 owners in total  have  been  proposed  for expropriation .

For this  purpose  JP Elektroprivreda  BiH  allocated  2,6 million KM .  Based on the  issued Municipality's  decisions on expropriation and agreement on charges as well as the  decision on priority  right  for land usage  ,  amount of 384.692 KM  have been paid  to the owners up to now .  
The  expropriation of  immovable properties for  HPP „Vranduk“  construction are  carried out in accordance with FBiH Law on expropriation , after  issuing  Federation Government's   decisions  stating   public interest for construction of more electroenergy facilities , among them are HPP „Vranduk“ as one of the priority .  Start of construction of  HPP „Vranduk“ on the Bosna river , installed capacity of 19,63 MW, is planned for the year  2014.