New Investment of Elektroprivreda BiH : Five dampers in value of 8,4 million KM for RMU ¨Kakanj¨

Contract on procurement of five dampers trucks type BELAZ 75135 with 110 tons capacity for needs of open pit „Vrtlište“ in the brown coal mine RMU ¨Kakanj¨ have been signed by Mirsad Jašarspahić Director of brown coal mine ¨Kakanj¨ and Boro Katanić Director of PREMAR Services AG from Switzerland in presence of dr.Elvedin Grabovica General manager of EP BiH and Senad Sarajlić Executive manager for production.

The investment  value  of  JP Elektroprivreda BiH  in the coal  mine RMU ¨Kakanj¨ is  8,4 million KM.

The brown coal mine ¨RMU ¨Kakanj¨ is one of strategic mine for the Concern EP BiH . We have realized so far  investments of 41 million KM . Procurement of the mines  equipment  in  value of 18 million  KM which is some approach to the realization of the planned investment of  66, 9 million KM  in the mine RMU ¨Kakanj¨.
„The  previous year was the  investment year for the mines  while the  year 2014  is the year of finalizing  process of its recapitalization ¨   said dr . Elvedin Grabovica  General manager of JP Elektroprivreda BiH.

Mirsad Jašarspahić, director of the coal mine RMU ¨Kakanj¨ has emphasized importance of the investments of JP Elektroprivreda BiH.  ¨New modernization will enable increasing and equalization of the capacity for loading , transport and disposal of reactive mass „

The effects of the investments in the mines are significant  improvement of  humanization  and safety at work , contribution to the productivity , reduction of costs in maintenance  , increasement of realibilty , prolonging of exploatation  time and more capacity of the equipment. The realising of the investment in the mines is also contribution in continuity in coal supply for thermal plants as well as  improvement of technologic coal processing .