JP Elektroprivreda BiH : In period 2014 – 2016 , planned investment 2 billion KM

Representatives of the shareholders at the 30th Assembly of EPBiH held on February 27, 2014 have adopted the business plan for 2014 – 2016. In the three years business period JP Elektroprivreda BiH plans to invest about 2 billion KM from the own and extern funds in capital objects , production capacity , the mines , distribution and electricity trade and supply and other common projects.

The planned investment od 1,3 billion KM are planned for the capital projects . In the planned period it is planned to start with construction of seven objects  among them as priority are :   HPP  ¨Vranduk¨, Block 7  at  TPP ¨Tuzla¨  and  windpark „Podveležje“  . The generation  objects for which  the construction was also planned in this period are :  Block 8 at  TPP  ¨Kakanj¨, HPP  ¨Janjići¨, HPP  Una Kostela  and small  hydro plant on Neretvica river .  The planned  investments in three years period for electricity generation are 309,252 million KM and investments for distribution activities are  228.394 million KM.

The strategic aims in period 2014 – 2015 are construction of new generation capacities , completing process of  the mines recapitalization and its upgrading and restructuring of JP Elektroprivreda BiH  in compliance with Law on electricity ,  EU directives and plan of restructuring what will be brought by FBiH Goverment .
The Assembly has also adopted  decisoins on investments regarding  the procurement and implementation of the integrated information system in the dependent group of the mines “Breza¨, ¨Zenica¨, ¨Kakanj¨ ¨Abid Lolić¨ - Bila, ¨Đurđevik¨, ¨Kreka¨ , ¨Gračanica¨ Gornji Vakuf – Uskoplje and decisions on amendments on decisions of recapitalization  investing in the mines  ¨Kreka¨ , ¨Đurđevik¨, ¨Zenica¨ and  ¨Abid Lolić¨ Bila.