Hydro power plant HPP ¨Vranduk¨- International public notice for prequalification and preparation works

Nermin Nikšić , Prime Minister of the Federation BiH and dr.Elvedin Grabovica, General manager of JP Elektroprivreda BiHd.d.- Sarajevo with Husejin Smajlović, Mayor of Zenica municipality visited on 26. March 2014. the locality for construction of the future hydro power plant HPP ¨Vranduk¨.

The visit  of this place was occasion to see works which  started before two months  on researching  and  preparation for  the construction of the first hydropower plant in Elektroprivreda  BH system in the post war period  , announcement  of public notice for pre-qualification companies and consortium interested to participate in construction of HPP ¨Vranduk¨ and handing over the Management Plan and maintenance of National Monument of the  Old Town Vranduk . 
General  manager of  JP EPBiH  has emphasized that  the preparation works for construction of  HPP ¨Vranduk¨ are according to schedule and added .¨ Tender for construction of HP¨Vranduk¨is ongoing.  We'll soon  know companies that are interested for construction in project on a „ turnkey“ principle „   
Dr. Grabovica  handed over to Adnadin  Jašarević, Director of Museum  Zenica the Plan management  for maintenance of the national monument of the Old Town Vranduk. The Plan management will be followed by further preparations for construction HPP ¨Vranduk¨ and defines model to ensure  the cohabitation of  new hydro energy  facility with in  vicinity of the national monument of the Old  Town Vranduk. 
Nermin Nikšić, Prime Minister of the Federation  FBiH, expressed satisfaction with fact that  in Bosnia and Herzegovina are  companies as it is JP Elektroprivreda BiH, which  investments are generator for   the further development . Investments of  EP BiH represent an example of qualitative cooperation with the local community  ,  added  the  Prime Minister .