TPP Kakanj 6,6 million eur for reconstruction of electrofilters aimed to reduced ash emission

At Thermal power plant Kakanj on May19, 2014 was signed Contract on reconstruction of electrofilters at Block 7 capacity 230 MW. The Contract was signed by dr.Elvedin Grabovica, General manager of EPBiH and Senad Sarajlić, executive manager for production in EP BiH , representatives of the Consortium „Hamon“ GmbH - Claus Brinkmann and Dario Škoro. The investment worth of Elektroprivreda BiH is 6,6 million euro .

During the reconstruction to the existing electrofilter it will be built sack filter  . Combination of electrofilters and sack  filter so-called hybride filter  will incearse efficiency and reduce ash emission  from apporox.  200 mg/Nm3   to  20 mg/Nm3  what is in compliance with  EU standards .
Dr. Elvedin Grabovica, General manager of JP Elektroprivreda BiH spoke about importance of this project for the local community and pointed out importance of the investment not only to new capital projects but also to the existing capacities . 
„It have been invested  during the past three years   560 million KM in recapitalization and advancement of the facilities „ said General manager and pointed that due to continuity in investment  to existing facilities our energo system is stable also during  exceptional situations  when  we had no problems with  electricity supply for our customers .