The Assembly of JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d.- Sarajevo adopted Plan on development to 2030 with Strategic plan

Within the development policy, the Assembly of Elektroprivreda BiH adopted long term Development Plan for period to 2030 with its Strategic Plan . The Plan was initiated by actual changes in energo sector , the changes refering to opening of electroenergy sector for competition , environment protection and mitigation of climate changes

The long term Development plan with Strategic plan is involving  the directives for business operation in  direction of sustainable  development of  JP Elektroprivreda  BiH and Mines  which are in composition of  EP BiH concern.  

Tha plan is based on  priorities of  energy policy of the European Union - stability in supply , competitiveness and sustainability . 

The Assembly of JP Elektroprivreda  BiH d.d. - Sarajevo  adopted a Decision on increasing of its basic capital by the shares  emission  and  Decision  on shares  by closed  offer  to the  Federation BiH . 

At the position of member of Supervisory Board of  JP Elektroprivreda BiH  d.d. – Sarajevo ,  the Assembly apointed , on  proposal of the major shareholder  ,  candidate  Nedžad  Bukvar  .