Contract on procurement of equipment machinery for the coal mine RMU „ Kakanj“

In directorate of the mine RMU brown coal mine „Kakanj“ on 02.November, 2015 was signed Contract on procurement of mechanised wide equipment complex for underground exploatation , worth 9.239.000,00 EUR.

The procurement for new mechanised  complex was financed by funds of  JP Elektroprivreda BiH intended for recapitalization of the mines in the Concern  EPBiH.
The Contract was signed by  Kasim Alajbegović, Acting Director of  RMU ¨Kakanj¨, Amna Goralija-Imamović,  Acting Director for economic  affairs  and, on behalf of the supplier  Mr. Budniok Tomasz Wojciech, chairman of the Management, company  Becker- WarkopSp. z.o.o. (Poland) 
By the procurement of  new mechanized equipment complex will be provided continuity in underground exploatation , better  productivity as per requirements of Thermal Power Plant  ¨Kakanj¨, more safe and more human work and more efficiency in production . New mines mechanisation equipment is for the coal pit  Begići – Bištrani. Deadline for the  supply and montage  is  12  months from a date of the Contract signing.