Construction of Windpark Vlašić – chance for local community

In organization of Travnik municipality, on 4th November 2015, was held Roundtable on renewable energy resources – Wind Energy – Present and Future -with aim to be informed local community on advantages of wind energy and about realization of project for future Windpark Vlašić within Elektroprivreda BiH competence.

Admir Hadžiemrić host of the Roundtable and Travnik municipality mayor pointed out importance of the meetings between  field experts and representatives of local community in order to be presented  public full information on energy  utilization from  wind resource and its exploatation.
In the foreword dr. Mustafa Musić, Head of Sector of strategic development in JP Elektroprivreda BiH, focused on reasons why windfarms today are trend in the world and benefits which construction of windfarms have for Travnik municipality and BiH.The key reasons for it , mentioned by dr. Musić, are cheap and renewable energy resource with great potential for plants without harmfull  emmisions to air, water and soils ,  and contributions to fight against global warming - climate changes and reducing of dependance on import fossil fuels .
For Travnik municipality, Canton Srednje-bosanski and for Bosnia and Herzegovina, windfarms are opportunities for development of national industry , infrastructure and engagement of domestic companies in construction phase and employment of local workers during plant construction, electrification of parts which are not connected to the network as are small katun on Vlašić, and supply of electricity by  100% renewable resource , and  benefits from clean energy for food and products brendig production.