Revision of Feasibility Study for constructin of the heating system TPP “Kakanj”- Sarajevo

JP Elektroprivreda BiH Sarajevo has started revision of the feasibilty study for supplying of heating energy from Thermal Power Plant (TPP) Kakanj for area to/and Sarajevo. The study was made by the Consortium of experts from Mechanical engineering Faculty Sarajevo, „Bosna S“ and „Enova“.

In  the expert team for the revision were engaged representatives from JP Elektroprivreda BiH   utility Toplane-Sarajevo and Experts from mechanical , economy and electrical engineering.  The conclusions of the expert revision will be announced  after  the  Expert team would coordinated and adopted it. 
As it was explained in Draft of the Study, Project of construction of Heating system from TPP „Kakanj“ would be possible to be constructed under referent conditions with significant benefits  from economy, environmental and social aspects. The capacity of the heating  system is  300 MWt  corresponding to the base load of the project consumer while  the paek load will be from Toplane Sarajevo. The route of the heating system at the most is through route  Koridor 5C, where the technical conditins would enable it .
With the heating energy will be supplied beside Kakanj also consumers from  Visoko, Breza, Ilijaš, and Vogošća, Zetra, Novi Grad, Ilidža,  parts of  Dobrinja, Novo Sarajevo, and some parts in  Sarajevo Centar.