Record production of electricity in October 2016

In October 2016 , JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d.-Sarajevo produced total electricity of 805.738 MWh or 151,76% in relation to the planned production.

Comparing with the achieved monthly production in previous years , monthly production of cca 805 GWh  in October  this year  represents the record post-war  monthly  production of electrical energy . 
Total generated production of electrical energy in the thermal power plants amounted  678.617 MWh -  as  amount of  421.220 MWh  in the TPP Tuzla ,  and  257.397 MWh in the TPP Kakanj .  Hydro power plants on the Neretva river produced  Jablanica, in October  2016. produced  127.121 MWh.
In the first ten months of the year , a significant progress was achieved in the operation of the mines in the Concern EPBIH, what is reflected in the increased production of coal by 13,58 %. Especially significant increase was achieved in October 2016  , when  the  mines produced 443.914 tons of coal which is the maximum production of coal in the past two years and ten months.