JP Elektroprivreda BiH adopted the business plan

The Assembly of JP Elektroprivreda BiH Sarajevo adopted business plan for period 2017 – 2019.

The plan contains an analyse of the environment and risks what may arise in the next three years involving  market prices of electricity , purchase prices for  coal , electricity prices for households that not correspond  to the actual  costs .
The strategic plans and objectives of the Company laid down in the business plan are stability  in electricity  production and supply  , improvement of business processes by better productivity and costs rationalisation ,  investments in  construction and reconstruction of the electric power capacities . 
The planned electricity production in period 2017 – 2019  is  22.851,9 GWh. The electricity produced  by the hydro plants  are  of  20%  and  the  other electricity  production are refered  to the  thermo power plants  and wind park . In 2019 are planned electricity from the wind park  „ Podveležje“ in amount of 120 GWh in year .
By the business plan 2017- 2019  the  planned investments in production are 77.216  thousand  KM,  investment to distribution activities  219.762  thousand KM  ,  for supply and trade activities  4.989  thousand  KM.
Business objectives  for three years  is  to be continued  construction of HPP  „Vranduk“ and start with construction  of  facilities – Block 7 at TPP „Tuzla“,  WP  „Podveležje“, small HPP at  Neretvica river as projects in final phase , where construction can start in  2017.  Then construction of HPP „Janjići“, HPP  Una Kostela-Anex, TPP „Kakanj“ – Block 8, projects to be started untill the end of 2019.  
Business in 2017
Total electricity production of 7.694,1 GWh is planned for 2017 what is more for 5,9 %  compared to the current year and electricity consumption of  5.104,3 GWh  or  2,0%  more than in  2016.  
The planned total income in 2017 is 1.029.790 thousand KM, total costs and expenses of 1.029.252  thousand KM and net profit  538 thousand KM.
Some additional aims for  period 2017-2019 are to be in operation facilities as Wind Park  „Podveležje“, small  HPP at  Neretvica  and the  first phase of HPP  „Vranduk“.