Wind farm Podveležje - Contract on construction the access roads , services roads and assembling plateau for cranes and Contract on reconstruction of local road

JP Elektroprivreda BiH and Consortium HP Investing d.o.o. Mostar, Amitea d.o.o. Mostar and Tojaga d.o.o. Mostar concluded the contract on construction of access roads , services roads and assembling plateau for cranes – Wind power plant Podveležje by which was marked start for realisation of the project of the Wind power plant

The contract was signed in Mostar in presence of Federal Prime Minister  Fadil Novalić  and Mayor of Mostar  Ljubo Bešlić  and on behalf of JP Elektroprivreda BiH  the contract  was signed by  Bajazit Jašarević, General manager and Executive manager for capital investments  dr.sci. Senad Salkić .  On behalf of the consortium signed  Hasan Pekušić, director of  HP Investing.
The worth of the contract amounts to 4,5 million KM excluding VAT. The contract includes construction of the access roads in length of  8,76 km, service  roads in length of 383 meters and 15 assembling plateaus for cranes .
Consortium HP Investing d.o.o. Mostar,  Amitea d.o.o. Mostar and Izgradnja  Tojaga d.o.o. Mostar  as Performers  are  obliged to execute the works in  period of 10 months from a date of official starting   the  works  ie. a date of entering the works  .
Within the Project of construction  WF Podveležje 1, was signed also Contract on reconstruction works of local service  road  L13  in  Podveležje  settlement .
The Contract for Mostar City  was signed by Mayor Ljubo Bešlić, and for Consortium  HP Investing d.o.o. Mostar and  Amitea d.o.o. Mostar  signed  Hasan Pekušić   director of  HP Investing.
The execution of works on reconstruction of service road L13 in settlement Podveležje will be co-financed by JP Elektroprivreda BiH  in amount of 1 million KM, based on Contract on realisation of the program on mutual cooperation concluded with Mostar City with aim to be realised Project of  construction WF Podveležje, microlocation Mali Grad  and  Sveta Gora.
By the Program on mutual coopertion  were expressed mutual intentions for partnership  relations between Mostar City and JP Elektroprivreda BiH in order to be improve conditions of life and construction of infrastructure facilities . On such basis to be developed  Mostar City and realisation of developing plans of JP Elektroprivreda .  
The wind farm Podveležje  is the first power  plant  which  JP Elektroprivreda  BiH   plans  to realize  through  4 (four) LOT with  installed  power of 48 MW  and  expected  annual production of 120 GWh  so  it present generation capacity of  clean energy based on renewable sources , without  greenhouse emissions .
The deadline for Podveležje Wind farm to start with operation for what was signed the concession contract between Elektroprivreda  BiH  and  Government HNK  is contract to 30 years  is  31.12.2018.