ETI Sarajevo d.o.o. – production increase , empolyment , export , investing to production facilities

ETI Sarajevo d.o.o. business Group as a member of EPBiH Concern produced in 2015 equipment products ( 1.211.359 articles for electricity )

That  is good result comparing to the group start work  in 2000 ,   products in amount of 309.163 articles
Indicators that in the last 16 years of its exiisting  have been invested  KM 565.828  among it  272.954 KM in 2016 , are confirming that ETI Group  has strategic orientation regarding production . . 
The better productivity and savings in production had been realized by launching  plastic parts for installation of article Etimat 6 and its placement at market in Bosnia and Herzegovina , Monte Negro , Macedonia , Kosovo   with saled  of  1.350.000  pieces  in 2016 .
The production of  ETI Sarajevo d.o.o  with its  strategic orientation shows a fact that  in 2000  were  14  employed  from total of 20 and in 2016  numbered employees  42 from  52 employees .