The mines of the Concern EPBiH realize the highest production of coal

In August 2017 in the coal mines of Concern EPBiH was produced 478.374,92 tons of coal or 91,53% of Plan , in spite of unfavourable weather conditions and extremly high temperatures . This is the highest production ,with those from 2012 ,which was achieved in period from establishing Concern in 2009

Production of coal in August 2017. was more for  9,15 % related to the coal production  in 2016. In period from 1st January -  31st August 2017  the coal production of 3.626.541,74  tons or  90,04 %  from the plan ,
The coal production  in the monitored period  is more for  372.992 tons  or  11,46  %  relating to  the same period of 2016  and almost for 23,13%  or 688.817 tons more  than in 2015 for same period .
In 2016 and in the first half of 2017  several activities have been intensifies .Those activities were on realization of the project of recapitalization in the coal mine by funds of JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d. - Sarajevo, what as result has  continuous coal  incresing in the mines of Concern . 
The increased coal production  enabled generation of electricity from  the thermal power plants ( in level  100%) of the  planned production in the first 8 months in spite of extreme dry period and lower electricty generation from the  hydro power plants .That ensured  stabile  energy system operation.