Record coal production in recent 20 years

In October 2017 was produced 509.770 tons of coal, which is the greatest monthly coal production since 2009. (since Concern was established )

The coal production in October 2017 is more for  69.970 tons   or  15,91 %   in relation to the production in same month in 2016  but for 32,28  % more than production in 2015. The coal  mines of  EPBiH  Concern in period 1stJanuary – 31.October  2017  produced  4.621.604 tons what is production fro  500.943 t,  ie.  for  12,16  %  in relation to  same  period last year or  even for a 906.832 s  or  24,41  %  in relation to same period in 2015.The coal production in the first nine months  2017  is the greatest  coal production  in that period since establishing the Concern . Although the dependent groups the coal mines  in period January – September 2017  had a loss  in production  16.890.218 KM,  the business result  for January - September  2017 is  better than in the last year , ie. for 24.328.573 KM,  or for  46.882.110 KM  comparing to year  2015.
The positive business operation in January - September 2017.  have been realized  at  the brown coal mine  RMU „Kakanj“, RMU „Breza“ and coalmine  „Gračanica“,  while in September 2017.  the positive operation was in  the coal mine „Kreka“,  brown coal mine „Kakanj“, „Breza“, „Abid Lolić“ and  „Gračanica“.
In 2016 and in the previous  months of  2017  have been intensified activities on project of recapitalisation in the dependen groups – the coal mines by the funds of JP Elektroprivreda BiH, what resulted in continuary increasing  of the coal production.