Electricity generation increased at EP BiH's thermal power plants

In period January-October 2017. JP Elektroprivreda BiH generated 5.768 GWh of electricity

The  total generation at the thermal power plants was  5.069 GWh,  which has been generated  by TPP  „Tuzla“ in amount of  2.935 GWh,  and TPP  „Kakanj“  of  2.134 GWh. Total realized electricity generation at the TPP plants during the first ten months 2017 is more for 396 GWh or for  8,48 % , comparing to the same period in last year. That is a result of better production at the subsidiary  Termoektrana „Kakanj“  for  462 MWh  or   27,64 % .Comparing  with the realized coal production at the thermal power plant  in the first ten months the toal production at the thermal power plant during Januar – October  2017  is  the one of best realized electricity production in the last 20 years . In relation to the  Electroenergy Balance   for 2017.  realized  production at the thermal power plants for January – October   2017   is,  as  the planned  because of the Units  operation readiness,  increased coal production.   Hydro power plant  „Hidroelektrane na Neretvi“  generated electricity in amount of 699 GWh  during the first ten months of  2017, rated. The less realized electricity generation is due to bad hydrologic conditions during considered period and in the last quarter  2016 .