Thermal Power Plant „Tuzla“: 250 million KM for ecologic projects in period 1996-2017

Electricity in amount of 3.472.267 MWh was generated at Thermopower plant TPP "Tuzla¨ in 2017,and 115.665 MWh heating energy and technologic steam by spending 3,8 million tonnes of coal. Total investing of this power plant in the past year was 8,6 million KM without capital envestment so that 2,1 million KM was for ecologic project what presents 24 % of the total investment in the past year.

„ To projects from ecology field, TPP „Tuzla“ has been invested from 1996 up to date amount of 250 million KM.Direct effects of replacement of the electrofilters, installation of the pneumatic transport of ash  ,refurbishment of cooling towers, closing the return waters from the slag and other investments were reduced as reducing emissions as solid particles into the air for 78 % in the past year compared to 2010. as well as reducing the pollution of water for 97 % compared to 2014 „ -  said dr.Izet Džananović, director of TPP¨Tuzla¨ while presenting the business indicators.

Fulfilling the prescribed obligations,TPP¨Tuzla¨ has paid in the past year for fees for water protection,air pollution fee and fees that include allocation and directing of part of revenues realized by TPP  Tuzla operation, To F BiH Environmental Protection Fund, to Tuzla Canton and City of Tuzla have been paid KM  8,3  million . Since the law entry into force which regulated these fees it has been paid until today 59 million KM.
„Based on compensation for air pollution, TPP ¨Tuzla¨has paid close to 30 million KM to the Fund of Environmental protection F BiH, while on the basis of Law on allocation and directing a part of the company's revenues from the operation of the thermapower plant TPP Tuzla plant has paid from 2015 to budget of Tuzla City 16 million KM.  With the paid fees Thermopower Plant within cooperation with City Tuzla in  projects implementation of Friendly Environment invested 3,6 million  KM. So to the city, without compensation was offered to use water supply system in value of 247 thousand KM, and land for construction  of the city cementary with value exceeding 2 miliona KM“- said  dr. Džananović, emphasizing that the basis of fees intended for financing environmental projects, energy efficiency and improvement of living conditions in the local community.