The Assembly adopted Business plan

The fifthy-fourth(extraordinary)Assembly of shareholders of JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d.–Sarajevo, held on 13.12.2018, adopted the business plan for period 2019. - 2021.

By the business plan is anticipated to be produced  electricity in total  amount of  20.461 GWh, the coal purchase in amount of 16 million tonnes  and more than  3 billion  KM total revenues  in the planned period as well as increasing of number of electricity customers .  It was planned investment of 1,76 billion KM in activities of  production , distribution , supply , capital and general projects , recapitalization of the mines and non-power  subsidaries . 

According to the plan  JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d. – Sarajevo will  invest in the capital projects   1,29 billion KM. The most important strategic goals are investments for construction of new thermo capacities and new capacities from renewable sources  . It is planned begining of construction of new power facilities , with focus on Unit 7 at TPP  „Tuzla“. It is also anticipated  to begin  construction of  the Wind park  „Podveležje“ and small HPP on Neretvica river ,  and to be continued  construction of HPP „Vranduk“.

In accordance with available possibilities, it will be continued  investment to non-power subsidaries the coal mines and  ensured  longer period of stabile coal production. For the recapitalization of the coal mines  is planned 103 million KM. 

In 2019  is planned electricity production of  6.991,7 GWh ,  total  revenue more than a billion  KM.  The coal purchase in amount of  5,7 million tonns is also planned from domestic mines.