Environment and

Sustainable development according to environmental standards.


JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d. - Sarajevo, with its subsidiary companies, will become a modern energy concern, whose development plans and activities will be consistent with the principles of sustainable development and environmental protection standards.

Environmental Policy
JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d. – Sarajevo bases its business strategy on the principles of sustainable development. The business activities, development plans, and projects are based on the concept of preventive action and continuous improvement in accordance with valid legislation and standards of environmental protection.
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Reports on Environmental Protection
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EnEf in Generation
In recent years JP EPBiH achieved significant results in improving energy efficiency and energy savings in the company.
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EnEf in Distribution
The distribution of electricity is one of the segments of a single chain of electricity, which consists of power generation, transmission and distribution, and consumption of electricity.
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EnEf in Electricity Supply
Given the fact that, according to the present analysis, in Bosnia and Herzegovina electricity is used quite irrationally, and, among other things, this is caused by the relatively low cost of electricity, JP EPBiH in its electricity supply business launched a series of activities that will be focused on the promotion of rational use of electricity and electricity savings on the demand side.
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EnEf Management
In order to create the conditions for further improvement of energy efficiency of the company in its efforts to institutionalize the issues of energy efficiency and energy savings in all segments of the company, JP EPBIH established appropriate energy efficiency management structure.
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As a socially responsible company, JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d. – Sarajevo is contributing to environmental protection also through development of electromobility sector. Electromobility has been recognized as one of the strategic goals of development of EPBiH

Electric vehicle charging stations

JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d. – Sarajevo has installed 7 (seven) AC electric vehicle charging stations on the following locations (click to open the location in GoogleMaps):

All charging stations are equipped with 2 (two) AC Mode 3 Type 2 connectors for electric vehicle charging with individual power of 22 kW.

Authentication for charging is performed using RFID cards, which can be obtained on the reception desk/security guard house of the adjacent building of EPBiH next to the charging station.

In addition, JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d. – Sarajevo has installed a first DC charging station on the following address:

-Highway A1, rest station Lepenica, direction from Mostar towards Sarajevo

This DC charging station is equipped with 3 (three) connectors, CCS Combo 2 DC - 50 kW, CHAdeMO DC - 50 kW, Mode 3 Type 2 AC - 22kW, where one DC and one AC connector can be charged simultaneously.

For using DC charging stations authentication is not required.

Charging stations are public and charging is free of charge for all electric vehicle drivers in the first development phase of the project.

Instructions for using the electric vehicle charging stations can be accessed via the following links:

Instructions for using the AC electric vehicle charging stations of EPBiH – Schneider Electric 2x22 kW brand (charging station in Sarajevo)

Instructions for using the AC electric vehicle charging stations of EPBiH – Circontrol 2x22 kW brand (charging station in Bihać, Goražde, Mostar, Travnik, Tuzla and Zenica)

Instructions for using the DC electric vehicle charging station of EPBiH – Circontrol Raption 50 (DC) (Highway A1, rest station Lepenica, direction from Mostar towards Sarajevo)

All EV drivers can obtain an RFID charging card for permanent use for access to EPBiH EV charging stations. This RFID card can be used for all the EV charging stations in the EPBiH system. This makes access to both current and future stations more easy, and the driver also becomes a permanent user of EV charging stations of EPBiH. For obtaining an RFID card, the following form needs to be filled-in:

Form for RFID electric vehicle charging card of EPBIH

Drivers can do either of the two with the filled-in form:

-Send it to the mail address noted in the form, after which the RFID card will be sent to the post address noted in the form,

-Bring the filled-in form to one of the locations noted in the form, after which they can take the RFID card personally.

In case an RFID card is lost, the driver needs to inform the EPBIH staff via the noted email address, after which they can ask for a new card.