The ‘Podveležje’ Wind Farm: Benefits for local and wider community

The ‘Podveležje’ Wind Farm in the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton is a project of mutual interest and benefit for the local community and Elektroprivreda BiH.

Already at the preparation stage for the construction, the local community had direct financial effects. For projects aimed to improve environmental protection and living standard of the population, Elektroprivreda BiH paid one million BAM to the City of Mostar, and a one-off concession fee of 1,010,000 BAM. 

Through the joint action of Elektroprivreda BiH and the City of Mostar, and with the defined Programme of mutual cooperation in construction of ‘Podveležje’ Wind Farm, 2.5 km of the section of local road Podvelež – Šipovac – Okolište was reconstructed. Elektroprivreda BiH invested one million BAM into this project KM, and in addition to the needs of local population, the needs for transport of requested and specific equipment from the Ploče port to the construction site at the Podveježje plateau were also met. 

Engagement of Mostar companies HP Investing, Amitea and Izgradnja Tojaga in the construction of access roads, service roads, and assembly plateau for 15 wind turbines, for which Elektroprivreda BiH allocated 5.2 million BAM (VAT included, and reconstruction of local road, confirm the positive effect of project implementation on the development of local economy. For past and current activities at the construction site, other companies from Mostar, Sarajevo and Tuzla (Geoing d.o.o., Građevinski istražni centar d.o.o., Tehnozaštita d.o.o., and IGH from Mostar, Winner d.o.o., Minersko d.o.o., and IPSA d.o.o. from Sarajevo, and Umel d.o.o. and Elektrocentar Petek d.o.o. from Tuzla) were also hired.

In addition, by putting the Wind Farm into operation, the local community will have annual income from the concession fee of 2.5% of annual production, from profit tax, other taxes, fees, and contributions. This way, financial base for the development of local community and Federation of BiH will be significantly improved. Positive impact will be made on the development of infrastructure and tourism as well.

Elektroprivreda BiH confirmed again with this project that it is a socially responsible company, integrating into its operations and development plans the care for society, development of social community, care for the environment and its protection. 

Taking into account the interests of local community, whose support and active participation is of crucial importance for project implementation, in the implementation of preliminary activities Elektroprivreda BiH has also established programmes of mutual cooperation with other cities and municipalities where construction of new production facilities it has begun or been planned.  

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