Hydro Power Plant

The Hydroelectric Power Plant "Jablanica" is the first and largest hydropower plant built on the Neretva River. It was built in two phases from 1947 to 1955 and from 1955 to 1958.

  • Object location: Neretva River, Herzegovina-Neretva Canton 
  • Object type: diversion-type electric power station with reservoir for seasonal levelling
  • Installed capacity: 196.98 MW (6 x 32.83 MW)
  • Maximum net head: 111.0 m
  • Type of turbines: Francis 
  • Average annual generation based on 70% probability of occurrence of inflow from the current hydrological time series (1989-2018):  693 GWh
Electricity generation in HPP "Jablanica" began in February 1955. After construction, it was the largest hydropower facility in the former SFRY.
The comprehensive revitalization of the HPP (six generators and a part of accompanying equipment) was completed in 2008. The revitalization increased the installed capacity from 150 MW to 196.98 MW and extended the service life of the HPP by the next 30 to 40 years.
The total reservoir volume of HPP Jablanica is 318 hm3, and the reservoir includes the waters of the Neretva river and all its tributaries upstream of Jablanica. By erecting a high arch-gravity dam 85 meters high, just below the estuary of the Rama river to the Neretva river, a reservoir lake with a maximum length of 30 kilometres was created, which extends along the Neretva river to the town of Konjic, and along the Rama river to the village of Gračac. The shortest route between the lake and the place where the engine room is located in Jablanica, water is brought to the turbines through two tunnels, about two kilometres long, using a maximum head of 111 meters.