Hydro Power Plant

Location of facility – the river Bosna, Zenica-Doboj Canton
Type of facility – run of river power plant
Installed capacity - 9.1 MW
Annual production - 46.2 GWh


Investment - 38.8 million EUR
Financing - Loans and funds of EPBIH

Project status

Completed activities:

  • Feasibility Study including Site Investigation works
  • Study on economic assessment of HPP Kovanići and submitted request/unsolicited proposal for obtaining concessions
  • Call for Proposals for Preliminary design preparation

Activities in progress:

  • Evaluation of bids and selection of Consultant for preliminary design preparation

Future activities:

  • Making a contract for Preliminary design preparation  and introducing a Consultant into the work 
  • Preparation and announcement of a public call for review of  Preliminaryl design, preparation of Base Line Study and Environmental Impact Assessment, bid evaluation and selection of consultants