Small Hydro Power Plant
on Neretvica

Location of facility - river basin of Neretvica - Konjic municipality
Type of facility - 15 small hydro power plants; run-of derivation-pressure plants
Total installed capacity - 24.5 MW
Annual production - 99.9 GWh


Investment -  103 million KM
Financing - Loans from EBRD and funds of EPBIH

Project implementation schedule: 

IA Stage  6,4 MW, Jan’17-Dec’17
      SHPP Srijanski most
      SHPP Gorovnik ušće

IB Stage  3,0 MW, Jun’17-Jun’18
      SHPP Crna Rijeka
      SHPP Gorovnik

II Stage  7,9 MW, Jan’18-Dec’18
      SHPP Podhum 1
      SHPP Podhum 2
      SHPP Donji Obalj
      SHPP Poželavka
      SHPP Mala Neretvica – ušće

III Stage  7,2 MW, Jan’19-Dec’19
      SHPP Obašćica
      SHPP Duboki potok 2
      SHPP Ruste
      SHPP Plavuzi
      SHPP Prolaz
      SHPP Duboki potok 1 

Project status

Completed activities:

  • Main design of I Stage
  • Main design review of IA Stage
  • Reissues Environmental permit
  • Property issues and conversion of agricultural and forest plots in the construction plot of IA Stage
  • Initiative on Urban permit extension of IB Stage
  • Initiative on Obtaining construction permit for IA Stage
  • Issuance of tender documents for equipment for IA Stage
  • Concession contract with the municipality of Konjic

Activities in progress:

  • Issuance of construction tender documents for IA Stage
  • Obtaining Urban permit extension of IB Stage
  • Obtaining Construction permit for IA Stage
  • Preparation of initiative for Main design supervision for IB Stage

Future activities:

  • Main design review of IB Stage
  • Fulfillment of property issues for IB Stage
  • Bids evaluation and contracting on equipment for IA Stage
  • Bids evaluation and contracting on construction works for IA Stage
  • Preparation of tender documents for IB Stage
  • Preparation of Main design tender documents for II Stage

Supplementary ESIA: