New investments in coal mines soon

During the meeting with supervisory boards and management boards of the coal mines „Breza“ and „Kakanj“, Dr. Elvedin Grabovica, General Director of JP EPBiH, and Board members announced new investments in the mines of EPBiH Concern.

At the formal sessions, held on the occasion of the Day of Miners, business results were summarised, the effects of current investments discussed, and the fact pointed out that the investing in mines aims at increased productivity, humanization of work and, in due course, positive business operations of the mines.

According to the EPBiH Capital Increase Program, 32 million KM will be invested in the Mine „Breza“, while the value of planned investments in Kakanj mine is 66.9 million KM. Out of this amount, 17 million has already been invested in the Mine „Kakanj“.