Adopted the revised business plan of JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d. - Sarajevo for period 2019 –2021

The fifty – fifth (extraordinary) Assembly of JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d.- Sarajevo, held on January 10th, 2019 in Sarajevo adopted revised Business plan for JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d. - Sarajevo , period 2019-2021

One of the most important significant change relating to the earlier adopted business plan is implementation of  model for mitigation of sharp rise of the prices  for the end customers of  JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d.- Sarajevo refering to market supply , which implies  the price  correction  in such a way  that the sales price of energy is brought to a level that is signifivantly below to the market prices , and  slightly higher than the prices agreed  in 2018 .  

The model is implemented  throught  a correction of  the market prices  that  is aplied equally  to all end customers on market supply  and additional percentage discount on the basic tarrifs applicable to customers identified by pre-defined rules as a priority .  

In  the domain of financial business , changes  in relation to the current Plan an increase of total revenues by  0,7 percent and costs by about 1 percent , while the planned profit  was reduced by 3,5 percent  in 2019, 6,4 percent in 2020. and 9,3 percent in 2021.  

Costs are increased  due to expected increase in tarrifs for system service and tarrifs for operation of IOS in BiH.