Hydro Power Plant

The Hydroelectric Power Plant "Grabovica" was put into operation in 1982.
  • Object location: the Neretva river, Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (13 km downstream from HPP "Jablanica")
  • Object type: dam toe powerhouse type with a 60 m high gravity concrete dam
  • Installed capacity: 117 MW (2 x 58.5 MW)
  • Maximum net head: 36.0 m
  • Type of turbines: Kaplan
  • Average annual generation based on 70% probability of occurrence of inflow from the current hydrological time series (1989-2018):  260.4 GWh 
The total reservoir volume of HPP "Grabovica" is 19.77 hm3, and it was created by the construction of a concrete dam 60 m high and extends about 11 km from the dam in the settlement of Grabovica to the drainage channels of HPP "Jablanica" in the settlement of Jablanica. The reservoir has an elongated shape with a very small width, so it is mainly located in the canyon of the Srednja Neretva river.