Hydro Power Plant

The Hydroelectric Power Plant "Salakovac" was put into operation in 1982. It was constructed from the beginning of 1977 until December 1981.
  • Object location: the Neretva river, Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (15 km upstream from Mostar)
  • Object type: dam toe powerhouse type with a 70 m high gravity dam 
  • Installed capacity: 208.50 MW (3 x 69.5 MW) 
  • Maximum net head: 45.0 m
  • Type of turbines: Kaplan
  • Average annual generation based on 70% probability of occurrence of inflow from the current hydrological time series (1989-2018):  356.6 GWh 
HPP "Salakovac" is connected to the electric power system with 220 kV transmission lines: "HPP Salakovac - Kakanj" and "HPP Salakovac – Mostar 3". The total reservoir volume of HPP "Salakovac" is 68.1 hm3, and it was created by the construction of a concrete dam 70 meters high.