TPP Tuzla

The construction of the Thermal Power Plant complex was realized in stages, in the period from 1959 to 1978.

Installed capacity: 740 MW (without Units 1 and 2)

Estimated annual electricity generation: 2,316.30 GWh

Electricity generation began in 1963, with the commissioning of Unit 1, with a capacity of 32 MW. The increase in the installed capacity of TPP "Tuzla" follows with the construction and commissioning of other generation units: 

  • In 1963, Unit 1 (capacity of 32 MW) - decommissioned
  • In 1964, Unit 2 (capacity of 32 MW) - decommissioned
  • In 1967, Unit 3 (capacity of 100 MW)
  • In 1971, Unit 4 (capacity of 210 MW)
  • In 1974, Unit 5 (capacity of 200 MW)
  • In 1978, Unit 6 (capacity of 230 MW)

Units 1 and 2 are permanently decommissioned. Electricity is produced by TPP "Tuzla" in Thermoblocks 3, 4, 5 and 6. 

In the post-war period, the following was carried out:

  • Rehabilitation and modernization of Unit 3 (100 MW) and Unit 4 (210 MW)
  • Revitalization of Unit 5 (200 MW)
  • Revitalization and increase in the capacity of Unit 6 from 215 to 230 MW

The realization of these investments achieved significant technological, environmental and economic effects. The electro filter was replaced with a new one, which reduced the dust emission per unit to the level of European standards. By replacing automatics, reconstruction and modernization on boiler plants and rehabilitation of electrical plants, the service life of the units was extended by the next 15 years and the reliability of the plant was significantly increased.

In addition to the electricity generation for the purposes of the EES, the TPP "Tuzla" produces and delivers:

  • Thermal power for district heating systems of the cities of Tuzla and Lukavac,
  • Process steam for the purposes of the industry, and
  • Industrial water for the immediate environment.

The generation facilities of the Thermal Power Plant "Tuzla" are designed for working with coals of the Kreka – Banovići coal basin, the largest in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has significant geological reserves of lignite and brown coal, which enable reliable and long-term supply of the Thermal Power Plant "Tuzla" with coal of the required quality.