25. September 2014.
New mechanized longwall complex investment of 19,5 million KM at brown coal mine „ Breza „ into operation
BiH Federal Prime minister Nermin Nikšić and General manager of Elektroprivreda BiH dr.Elvedin Grabovica and Director of brown coal mine „Breza„ Suad Ćosić put into operation new mechanized longwall complex SHP TAGOR with machine EICKHOFF SL-300 the coal mine „ Berza „ pit Kamenice.
25. September 2014.
JP Elektroprivreda BiH delivered for use five damper trucks for brown coal mine “ Kakanj”
Within the process of recapitalization JP Elektroprivreda BiH procured five damper trucks , type BELAZ 75135 , capacity 110 tons in worth 8,4 million KM for the pit „Vrtlište“ in the brown coal mine „Kakanj“.
19. June 2014.
Two employees of Concern EPBiH travel to World Football Cup in Brazil
It had been organized at the Federation BiH ceremonial event on occasion of awarding travel to the World Football Cup 2014 in Brazil for two workers employed in Concern Elektropivreda BiH . The workers who received the travel packages to Brazil are Sejad Plasto and Amir Mlinarević . On that occasion , the package for travel to Brazil were handed over to worker Sejad Plasto by Nermin Nikšić Prime minister FBiH and to electrician Amir Mlinarević by General manager of Elektroprivreda BiH dr. Elvedin Grabovica.
30. May 2014.
Agreement on Concession for construction and exploatation of HPP „Janjići“ signed
JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d. Sarajevo signed Agreement on concession for construction and operation of Hydro Power Plant „Janjići“ on Bosna river , installed capacity 13,3 MW and annual generation of 68 GWh. The concession was offered on initiative of Elektroprivreda BiH. The Agreement was concluded for period of 30 years with possibility to be extended .
29. May 2014.
The Assembly of JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d.- Sarajevo adopted Plan on development to 2030 with Strategic plan
Within the development policy, the Assembly of Elektroprivreda BiH adopted long term Development Plan for period to 2030 with its Strategic Plan . The Plan was initiated by actual changes in energo sector , the changes refering to opening of electroenergy sector for competition , environment protection and mitigation of climate changes
20. May 2014.
117 hectares of open pit Šikulje under water , damage amounting to million
Dr.Elvedin Grabovica, General manager of Elektroprivreda BiH and Senad Sarajlić, executive manager for production , accompanied by Enver Omazić, director of the Mine Kreka visited open pit mine Šikulje of the Kreka mine . They observed on-site enormous damage caused to this business enterprise . They also discussed the next activities necessary for dealing with consequences of the floods.
19. May 2014.
TPP Kakanj 6,6 million eur for reconstruction of electrofilters aimed to reduced ash emission
At Thermal power plant Kakanj on May19, 2014 was signed Contract on reconstruction of electrofilters at Block 7 capacity 230 MW. The Contract was signed by dr.Elvedin Grabovica, General manager of EPBiH and Senad Sarajlić, executive manager for production in EP BiH , representatives of the Consortium „Hamon“ GmbH - Claus Brinkmann and Dario Škoro. The investment worth of Elektroprivreda BiH is 6,6 million euro .
25. April 2014.
Bids for construction of the Unit 7 at TPP „Tuzla“ opened
On 17th.April , 2014 at the company JP Elektroprivreda BiH, was conducted the procedure of opening the final bids of companies which are short- listed for selection in realization of the Project for construction of Unit 7- 450 MW - TPP „Tuzla“.
25. April 2014.
HPP ¨Vranduk¨: European Investment Bank approved loan of up to 37, 5 million Euros to JP Elektroprivreda BiH
European Investment Bank (EIB) approved a loan to JP Elektroprivreda BiH of up to amount of 37,5 miliona Euros for realization of the construction Hydro Power Plant HPP ¨Vranduk¨. The Management of European Investment Bank approved a loan after conducted extensive evaluation of the Project made by the experts of the Bank and Elektroprivreda BiH has satisfied all the required preconditions relating to economic , technical and environmental aspects .
08. April 2014.
New investment of EP BiH : two dampers truck for RMU „ Đurđevik“ worth of 4.6 million KM
At coal mine RMU ¨Đurđevik“ , Zijad Rahimić director of coalmine ¨Đurđevik¨ and Boro Katanić, director of PREMAR Services AG - Switzerland signed an agreement on purchasing of two dampers trucks type BELAZ 75131, capacity of 136 tons , on 28.March 2014 in the presence of dr. Elvedin Grabovica , General manager of EP BiH and Senad Sarajlić, Executive manager for generation in JP Elektroprivreda BiH .The investment value of EPBiH for coal mine „Đurđevik“ is 4.6 million KM.