05. June 2013.
Prime Minister of the Federation BiH Nermin Nikšić visited the exibition space of JP EPBiH
On the first day of the International Fair for Energy , Industry and Mining held in Tuzla , the exibition space of the JP Elektroprivreda BiH was visited by Nermin Nikšić FBiH Prime Minister and Erdal Trhulj Minister of Energy , Mining and Industry in the Governemnt of FBiH.
31. May 2013.
Russian companies interested in cooperation with BiH
Dr. Elvedin Grabovica General Manager of the public company JP Elektroprivreda BiH resided in working visit to the Russian Federation under the Delegation of officials and businessmen from Bosnia and Herzegovina .
24. May 2013.
Modern boring machine set in function in brown coal mine RMU ¨Kakanj“
Modern machine for making mines borings on surface exploitation of the coal in value of 876.802,22 KM was purchased by JP Elektroprivreda for needs of RMU „ Kakanj“ .
17. May 2013.
SBF 2013 : Interest Expressed for Elektroprivreda BiH Projects
At the Sarajevo Business Forum 2013 , dr. Elvedin Grabovica General Manager of Elektroprivreda BiH Sarajevo , mr. Amil Kamenica Executive Manager of Capital Investments and Edib Bašić Manager of the Project Implementation Unit spoke with Mohammad S. Al – Arifi representative of Development Fund for Saudi Arabia . The topic of the discussion was development projects of JP Elektroprivreda BiH.
16. May 2013.
Prime Minister of FBiH Nermin Nikšić and dr. Elvedin Grabovica visited underground mines „Kamenice“ and „Sretno“
Nermin Nikšić Prime Minister of Federation BiH , dr. Elvedin Grabovica General Manager of Elektroprivreda BiH , Senad Sarajlić Executive Manager of Production and Suad Ćosić Director of RMU „Breza“ visited premises of underground coal exploitation of deposits „ Kamenice¨ and ¨Sretno¨ at RMU „Breza“.
16. May 2013.
JP Elektroprivreda BiH : For brown coal mine RMU ¨Breza¨ mechanized complex of equipment in value of 19, 5 million KM
Agreement on Procurement of mechanized equipment for underground exploitation of complex coal mines at RMU „ Breza“ was signed by Suad Ćosić, Director of RMU “Breza„ and representatives of company Kopex s.a. (Katowica from Poland) , Iwona Pisarek, Director of Department of Foreign Trade of Kopex s.a and Andrzej Meder, member of Kopex Board in the presence of Prime Minister of FBiH Nermin Nikšić and dr. Elvedin Grabovica General Manager of JP Elektroprivreda BiH.
23. April 2013.
Dr. Elvedin Grabovica presented at the forum in London planned projects of EPBiH
General manager of JP Elektroprivreda BiH Sarajevo, dr. Elvedin Grabovica at the First Trade - Investment Forum of the United Kingdom and BIH on 18th April 2013, in London, held a speech about plans for developing of energo sector.
10. April 2013.
Warning: Stealing and damages of electroenergy facilities – dangerous for humans
From Elektroprivreda BiH d.d. - Sarajevo it was drawn attention on frequent occurings of stealing and damaging of parts of electro distribution netwotk, plant objects and equipment which are property of Elektroprivreda BiH.
10. April 2013.
For new electro distribution network placed at Busovača – Kiseljak 1,8 million KM
At branch ¨Elektrodistribucija¨ Zenica, operating unit Busovača – Kiseljak, it has been built new electro distribution network composed of 20 kV cable line „ Busovača – Kaćuni“ and switchyard„ Kaćuni“ with telecontrolling cells and equipment in total amount of app. 1.852.000 KM.
10. April 2013.
Elektroprivreda BiH d.d.- Sarajevo has not breached Law on public procurement in no one of 4.286 procurements
Anent to the statement of Account anti-corruption network in BiH stating that “ JP Elektroprivreda BiH is the highest breach of Law on public procurement BiH in 2012., based on researching results of Center for media development and analyses of Office for complaints - considering 97 solutions in favor of claimants and flat access, EPBiH is informing bh. publicity as follows: