Record generation of electricity at the Hydropower plants on the river Neretva

On June 05. 2013 , in the Hydro power plant “ Jablanica “ has been achieved record daily electricity generation since 1955 - period when the hydro power plant had been put into operation.

Total quantity of the electricity generation at HPP “Jablanica” on the June 5, 2013 amounted to 3.891.849 kWh.  

During the first five months in 2013  Hydro power plants  “Jablanica”, “Grabovica”  and  “Salakovac” generated  electricity  in  total amount of   1.119 GWhw  what is  52%  more than planned.

Achievement of such results with favourable hydrologic situation have been realised owing to the high level of the plant’s  readiness  and  availibility of all the  hydro plants.