TPP „ Kakanj“ reached its record for the last 17 years in one month electricity generation

TPP „Kakanj“ generated in August 2013. electricity generation of 268.095 MWh , so reaching the greates one-month record generation in the last 17 years . It is expected that TPP „Kakanj“ will exceed the last year electricity generation of 2.487 GWh. untill the end of 2013 .

Considering  that  TPP „ Kakanj“ operates in full capacity , daily coal consumption is more than 7.000 tons  what  require  maximum engagement of all the mines that supply with  coal  thermal power plant „ Kakanj“.

It is planned to be in October 2013 . regular monthly remount of  Unit 7 .  

Thermal power plant „Kakanj“ is ranked at second place according to size of thermal power plants in BiH . Besides generation of electricity as its primary product , TPP „Kakanj“ also generated and supply with  heat energy the city of Kakanj and  additionaly deliver ash and slag to  the factory of cement „ Kakanj“ 

With total installed capacity of  450 MW, the average annual electricity generation amounts approx.  2.300 GWh, with yearly coal  consumption of  1,8 million tons.