EPBiH 2016 – Record income of 1,034 billion KM;start of construction HPP Vranduk

Elektroprivreda BiH Sarajevo achieved in 2016 record income of 1,034 billion KM what is 50 million more in relation to 2015 . The achieved profit in the past year amounted to 12,86 million KM

 The fact is that 2016 was for EPBiH the first year at open electricity market and year of  bad hydrological  conidtions  .
In spite of fact that 2016 was the first year at open market and bad hydrological conditions    Elektroprivreda BiH achieved financial results better  from  the planned due to  continuity in production  and stabile supply of electricity .The successful  operation of the company  contributed to be kept  electro  sector as stabile part of  the economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina .
In the past  year  Elektroprivreda  BiH generated electricity  from  Thermal Power Plant „Tuzla“ and  „Kakanj“  electricity in  amount of  7.244,7 GWh .  The  better electricity  production  results  have been achieved  due to high operation readiness  and increase of  coal production  near to 5 million tons  The coal  production increased for approximately  445.000 tons  or  10%. in relation to 2015 .  
For the first time in new business  history Elektroprivreda  BiH Sarajevo  in 2016   reduced  the   prices of electricity  to  end - consumers  on  110 kV, 35 kV , 10 kV network , to  other consumers   and public lighting . That  confirms that the  company operate as social responsible  group .  
By keeping the position of the biggest electricity producer and  supplier in 2016 in country  Elektroprivreda BiH  has kept  status as one of the largest investors in Bosnia and Herzegovina .  Within  relization of strategic project and begining  construction of HPP Vranduk it is  the first hydro power plant from  1980 and  first one on the Bosna river  . It was announced public procurement for  best performer and  suppliers  for  construction of Wind Park Podveležje and draft for credit  agreement for  construction  of Block 7   at TPP  Tuzla  . It  have been submitted to Federal Ministriry for Finance for issuing guarantees for the credit arrangement for the Block . Within continuing process for recapitalization  of  Coal mine ,  plan  investment for  2016-2018  was also adopted   in amount  of  329 million  KM .  
The realized  business successes in  2016. confirm continuity of positive and stabile  operation of Elekroprivreda BiH by fulfiling all duties refering to suppliers and institutions .as well as to employees and creditors .
The business  report  in the past  year  the Supervisory board of  JP Elektroprivreda BiH d.d.-Sarajevo adopted at the session held on  23.02.2017.